Posted by: vivalatinamerica | January 16, 2010

Bogota And The Shiny Zona Rosa

Pack your nice shoes and a good shirt or something for a trip to Bogota, because you shouldn’t miss the trip to the Zona Rosa, and here is where the rich and beautiful of Colombia hang out.  You don’t want to let the side down.

The Zona Rosa is a t-shaped pedestrian area lined with restaurants and bars of very high quality and equally high prices, surrounded by big shopping malls and designer clothes shops.  It is clean, beautiful, nicely designed, nicely lit and generally a really good place to sit, drink a cocktail and count the boob jobs and knee-high boots as they walk by.

The food quality here is also really high; if you’re feeling rather minted, give Taurus a go for delicious martinis and amazing Mediterranean food, among other types.  And it’s incredible how the service standard on this side of town jumps.  Suddenly the waiters are friendly, helpful and attentive.  That’s quite a shock of an experience after the more usual brusque stuff in the rest of the city, and definitely a pleasant one.

It’s one of the few places where you can get a decent dark beer, if that’s your thing.  In fact, at the Beer Station you can sample all kinds of beer, including cherry (warning: this is a very girly-looking drink) and green (no flavour given; just green.  Drink it with your eyes closed – it’ll taste better).

The Zona Rosa is a nice piece of escapism, and it’s an important part of Bogota’s culture: it’s how the other half live.  Enjoy it.

Sophie Carville



  1. Hi, I just want to say that I really like to read your blog about Latin America. It is very good. Right now, I am living in England but I am from Colombia. Some english friends want to do a tour in Latinomerica and they ask me about Venezuela but I do not know what to say and if it is worth it. what do you think about Venezuela and Colombia? Cheers. Andres

  2. ..But keep in mind that there are zona rosas in all big cities. They’re where the monied, the monied wanna-bees, and women who only want to associate with the monied hang out. Pretty unpleasant people. Disgusting in fact. But if you’re willing to ignore that in the interest of a “crazy” night of too-loud, senseless fun, all at double—no triple!—the cost than it’s worth, then knock yourself out.
    —Just my opinion.

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