Posted by: vivalatinamerica | April 28, 2012

Luxury in Lima – Hotel El Libertador

I usually sleep in tents, hammocks or bunk beds, so sinking into a huge bed with crisp white sheets and fluffy pillows while looking out over a fabulous city skyline is a real treat.

I’m in El Libertador in Lima, a slick skyrise in the heart of the business district. Clearly backpackers rather than bankers, my friend and I stand out like two sore thumbs, but from the bellboys to the receptionists to the smiley chambermaids, everyone is courteous and welcoming.

This classy hotel has all the little extras you would expect, plus a lovely pool. One of the good things about staying in a more corporate hotel is the fact that you are on a different timescale to everyone else. By the time you’re ready for a morning swim, everyone else is in on their second cup of coffee in the conference centre.

Wrapping up in dressing gowns and padding around the spacious room, it’s difficult to tear ourselves away and explore this amazing city. But we do eventually manage to browse the malls and cafes in the area.

Business folk are dashing about and families are guzzling ice creams together. People are cradling little dogs and wearing designer shoes. This is the shiny, prosperous side to Peru, and it feels like a different world.

My first bubble bath for three months was a perfect end to the day. And after one of the best sleeps of the trip so far, we wander down to breakfast. After plenty of fruit, fresh yoghurt, eggs, pancakes and mini pastries, we are ready for the day ahead.

Away from the touristy areas of Lima, this is a little haven of calm. And with great views and fantastic service, this is a chance to see a different side of Lima – a metropolitan, ambitious, business-minded place that would be a fantastic place to live and work, not just visit.

Cath Millman

Category: 4 stars

Address: Los Eucaliptos 550, San Isidro

Phone: (+51 1) 518 6300


Rooms from 180USD per night


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